Engagement Ideas that we LOVE!

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The engagement photoshoot is a crucial time in the wedding planning process. It is a time that you and your fiancé get to use to display your love and affection through photos. These pictures communicate and tell the story of why and how you fell in love. Now don’t put too much pressure on yourselves, the best kinds of pictures are when the couple is having fun! We love seeing couples’ personalities shining through during their engagement. They get to work together and plan something like never before.

HOV engagement ring

Here are some creative photoshoots we would love to share:

The Perfect Setting: whether it’s an open field or the ocean, a great backdrop is all you need. HOV engagement hamilton oaks HOV engagement field casual  HOV engagement city on the beach HOV engagement beach doubleHOV engagement city

Add some props! Props go a long way in making each shot special. It also adds to the fun for you and your fiancé.  HOV engagement confetti HOV engagement sparkler

Chow Down: Food is used to celebrate-so why not celebrate your engagement with eating?!  Not to mention it makes for an adorable picture. HOV engagement watermelonHOV engagement ice cream

Have a picnic- Pick out your favorite blanket (maybe one special to you two) and relax 🙂  HOV engagement picnic HOV engagement truck

These are just a few ways to make your engagement shoot memorable and special. Remember you are only engaged for a short time compared to your married life, so enjoy this rare time together! Happy Planning:)


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