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Makeup can be a girl’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on how it is used. Your wedding day is no exception. I personally love makeup, especially when it makes me look better than when I woke up;) However, on my wedding day I remember feeling especially concerned with how my makeup would look. (More specifically, I wanted my skin to be flawless and glowing…that’s realistic right? haha) I didn’t want to look like (or feel like I look like) a clown, but I also wanted to wear more than normal. How do we find the balance??   Makeup1

Thanks to one of our very own coordinators, Kaleigh Velling, who happens to be a professional makeup artist, here are some tips to help achieve that perfect look you want:     Makeup2

1. Pick the right artist-choose a makeup artist that fits your style…. whether it’s a natural look or a more glamorous style. (checking out their portfolio is always a great idea)   Makeup5

2. Never skip a trial run…REPEAT…NEVER skip a trial run-during this time you can communicate what you like, don’t like, and feel confident in the look you are going for. This is also the perfect time to take lots of pictures; hello selfies!   Makeup4

3. Remember to balance- For example, if you’re going for smoky eye, do a nude lip;  that way you won’t look too harsh both in person and in photos.    Makeup3

4. Primer is key! Using a good primer and an awesome setting spray is key …. Kaleigh’s favorite is the ’10 Year younger Spray’ by Motives Cosmetics.   Makeup6

We hope these tips are helpful. Good luck on your wedding makeup venture!


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